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    • J Hotels and Resort Acquires Haa Alif Alidhoo (02/09/2010)

    J Hotels and Resort Acquires Haa Alif Alidhoo


    MALÉ, 02 September, 2010

    Having recently acquired the John Keels property, Cinnamon Island Alidhoo, J Hotels and Resorts will rebrand the property as J Resort Alidhoo. Preparations are currently under way for its launch in October 2010.

    “While almost all the resorts in the Maldives focus solely on relaxation, J Resort Alidhoo offers something more – it offers a window into the Maldivian culture. The renovations and the changes we're making will enhance the holiday experience not just in terms of facilities and luxury but also in terms of connecting the visitors to an important part of Maldivian culture and our heritage. This is something you won't get anywhere else.”, said the Chairman J Hotels and Resorts, Mr. Abdulla Jabir.

    Located mere minutes from Haa Alif Utheem, the birth place of Muhammed Thakurufaan, one of the Maldives' most celebrated sons, Alidhoo transcends most holiday experiences in the Maldives adding the intriguing allure of history and connecting every visitor with the history of this beautiful and deeply passionate nation.

    Special care has been taken to infuse a distinctly cultural and historic Maldivian flavour to guest surroundings – whether they are dining, enjoying a relaxing massage or overlooking the waves from their Ocean Villas.

    Approximately 15 minutes away from Hanimadhoo Regional Airport by speedboat, J Resort Alidhoo offers a unique peek into the soul of the Maldives while taking away none of the trapping of a tropical holiday filled with sea, sun and restoration.
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